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One Team. One Vision. One Goal.

We firmly believe that an organization's success is deeply engraved in the value of its human resources. Team members want to feel valued. They want to be compensated well, they want to be challenged, and they want to contribute to something meaningful. We are what we are and where we are today because of our team. As such, we greatly value the contributions of our team members, and in turn, we richly invest in them. 


Team Engagement


Chief among our efforts for excellent service delivery includes making our team feel as though they are contributing to something greater than themselves:


  • One Team: We are united around a goal that everyone believes makes a significant difference. 

  • One Vision: We share the same vision and direction with our employees. We value being a part of a team working toward a common goal. On top of that, we make our employees feel safe, and we have given them a family and a nesting place that they call home. 

  • One Goal: We have a corporate culture that increases employee engagement. Ultimately, we guarantee them that their contributions are valued by the organization and team, which breeds the winning mentality that is so rooted in our DNA as a vibrant, energetic, and efficient organization. 


We have undertaken these critical components to build and realized that as many companies work on building mission-driven organizations with solid teams, they often struggle to create an environment where the employees feel valued, thus derailing their successful growth. As a BPO, we are here to leverage the human aspect and smoothen the success of organizations by providing them with a happy, well-natured, loved, and well-oiled workforce. 

We believe in the value that teamwork makes the dream work. We are never as effective if we are separated from each other. Instead, we work as a pack of wild dogs, with the full knowledge that we eat our kill (not forgetting possible extinction) and that the world will never remember our names if we don't work together as a team! We have gathered an undeniable breed of young, energetic, vibrant, knowledgeable, and skilled workforce to be the source of our pride in making the dream a reality!


As an organization, we have taken it upon ourselves to enroll our employees in a broad range of employee wellness program that has birthed the following tangible benefits:


1.     More Productivity

Employees who eat healthily and exercise regularly are likely to be more productive than those who don't. We have inculcated this culture within our workforce, and we rest assured that our productivity successes owe it to practicing these wellness-oriented approaches to work. Most of our employees almost always outsmart and exceed the productivity levels of their American-based peers in their respective roles. Need we remind you that poor health behaviors are usually linked to high levels of unproductivity and ultimately lead to higher health risks and chronic diseases!


2.     High Team Morale

The offer of wellness programs on the job has led to more enthusiastic employees at our disposal. Our wellness programs make our team members feel appreciated and valued. Team members are happier when they feel appreciated and valued by their employers. 


3.     Improved Recruitment and Retention of Team Members

We boast of having a team retention of well above 97%. We owe this to good wellness programs developed around the working environment, which have immensely helped us hire and retain the best employees. Our wellness plans have played a vital role in employee retention by helping to keep our employees loyal. Many people are strongly influenced by health offerings and other benefits when choosing an employer. And that is why many young and talented youths in Southern Africa have chosen to join our growing team!

4.     Building Camaraderie Among Team Members

Our initiatives have offered employees the chance to experience other activities unrelated to work, such as participating in a sports team. We have a soccer team of employees participating in the Telecoms League. We also have a gym facility on every work campus. The interaction of co-workers has facilitated bonding that has helped our teams to work better as they have a sense of oneness and a bond that has been cultivated in and off the work environment. 

Employee Relations, Diversity, and Inclusion: 

We have a functional employee relations desk. We have achieved higher employee morale and employee engagement levels through this desk. We have an open-door policy for all our employees, and this has made us create a clean environment free of undesired work behaviors like harassment, nepotism, and corruption, among others. With the help of Employee Relations, we have managed to hold quarterly employee recognition prize-giving ceremonies where we recognize our best-performing employees, long-serving employees, and best new employees, among other categories. We are proponents of endorsing globalization, and as such, we are respectful of the diversity that globalization brings. We honor this by having a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion desk that deals with all diversity issues!

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