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Incorporating our "one team, one vision, one goal" motto, Teamsville Global aims to provide cost-effective 24/7 support for outsourcing functions such as customer service, appointment scheduling, reservations, telemarketing, data entry, processing of orders, technical support, KYC due diligence, and other back-office work. Our African based team provides customized outsourcing solutions to suit your business needs. We selectively screen candidates for cross-cultural suitability, articulation skills, typing proficiency, computer literacy, problem-solving skills, and overall organizational fit while providing them the equipment and tools to be successful. Additionally, we ensure candidates have mild accents easily understood in all regions of the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom and considered pleasant by many. We take pride in providing opportunities for talented recent university graduates from our operational offices. Globalization has led to a more connected world. More entities around the globe are now turning to business process outsourcing for cost reduction and contingency planning. However, outsourcing is not just a cost-cutting strategy as it can gain efficiencies and capabilities that entities don't have in-house and support capabilities they do have.

Some of our company accolades include: 

Human Resources & Development:

  • Our agents have an average adherence rate of 99% and an overall quality assurance score above 93% with their respective clients.

  • 82% of our agents are top percentile performers for their respective clients versus their U.S.-based peers, providing between 3-10% of sales in their respective divisions. A number of our agents have been promoted to supervisory roles.

  • We are distinguished by our young and educated staff compliment. Over 90% of our agents and management team are under the age of 30 years and with university degrees.

  • We have created and sustained a healthy, fun, vibrant, professional, and safe fostering work environment utilizing our "multi-campus" model. Amenities on-site include a gym, pool tables, darts, table tennis, board games, and an in-house mini recording studio with a sound engineer. Furthermore, we have created an effective work-life balance through our living, working, socio-cultural and entertainment facilities enabling us to develop holistic team members that are functional in society and effective on and off work. What sets us apart is that we focus on the individual development and training of our young team members and transcend the team factor to achieve a family status.

  • We have an excellent human resources network by partnering with top regional universities. We get recent graduates and students on internships.

Business Development & Retention:

  • We successfully increased headcount from 2 to 150+ within our first two years.

  • We have provided outsourcing solutions for U.S. Fortune 500 companies such as Williams Sonoma, BlueCross BlueShield, Vivint Smart Home, and Mercedes Benz USA. We have also provided outsourcing solutions for Inc 5000 medium-sized and fast-growing organizations such as Vacasa Vacation Rentals and Momentum Solar, to mention a few.

  • While our key market is in North America, we will engage clients in Europe and the rest of the world. 

I.T. & Infrastructure:

  • We have upgraded our network security systems as we have a structure that ensures data security. We have invested in firewalls that prevent anti-hacks.

  • We have invested and maintained professional soundproofed work stations, high spec work machines, dedicated system administrators, 24/7 CCTV, access control, solar and generator backup power, and high speed stable internet with the provisions of hard-wired ethernet facility coupled with an emergency redundancy link to every working team member.

  • We have established online and offline security systems that enhance data and information security.

  • We have an established information security and data privacy policy. 

Software utilized include:

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